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Hail to the Chief

February 28, 2016

Australia’s next leader?



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I like following US politics. In 2008, I was living in a small conservative town as a teacher. My colleagues were all obsessed with Rugby League, but when the primary nominations in the US were running, and the eventual election, I was enthralled. “Why do you give a crap?” One young teaching colleague asked. I answered because whoever rules the US will wield a large say in Australia’s foreign and military policy. I could see why he was disinterested. The US is a long way away.


Anyone who knows something about anything though, knows that the Australian military is now just a Corps of the US military. From Iraq, Afghanistan and the South China Sea, Australia does what the US does. In Pine Gap, in the thriving Australian outback- a top secret base collects all of our phone calls and communications, targets drones that have killed hundreds of children and monitors the enemies of the US.


Our special forces, particularly the 4th Squadron of the Special Air Services Regiment work directly under US command. In places where we have gone to war, and other place we haven’t, our specially trained ‘best of the best’ do what their US Masters tell them too.


Generally, most people would think that what the US does is good for Australia.


Unless Donald Trump becomes President.


I think he might. And I think he is a smart man, but might play politics with foreign policy and start a war. If he actually carpet bombs Iraq and Syria, or antagonises Russia or China into a war- Australia is actually at war too.


This isn’t just about Trump. Hiliary Clinton is likely to win the Democratic Primary. In some ways I’m more scared of Clinton than of Trump. Part of me thinks Trump might be just talking big to win an election. When he gets in, he might actually show some common sense and decency.


Clinton on the other hand supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and was Obama’s Secretary of State. Under her reign, the US greatly increased military spending, devastated Libya, approved of the increase of drones, that killed thousands of children and civilians. So bad was the drone policy, that the US has stopped using it for fear of making too many new enemies.


That was Clinton as Secretary of State.


As President, she may well provoke a war with Russia or China with her hawkish policies.


As it stands now, whatever US policy is after November this year, will automatically become Australia’s policy. If the politics, bluster and madness continues after the election, a large war will be triggered. Australia will find itself on the side of the aggressor, as it did in 2002 and 2003. This time, we might find ourselves at war China or Russia- whether we want to be with them or not.


With Pine Gap, a US facility in the heart of Australia, 2000 US Marines in Darwin and our Special Forces integrated into the US military a US war led by Trump or Clinton will be Australia’s war- and we have no choice in that.


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