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The Blind and the Blind-folded

June 27, 2015

Thanks Jim. Part of my decision to contest the charge was being unsure if I could keep going through this without retraumatising myself. Jim kept at it and asked me if I felt like testifying. I felt I was and Jim gave me my own “day in court”. Thanks a lot mate.

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Which Side Are We On?

Last week Anne, Eleni and I drove 1800 kms to go to court in the chilly city of Geelong. About 10 others came from Melbourne and Geelong to attend the final court case arising from last year’s Swan Island actions, and bear witness to the power of community and resistance.

In court some of us recounted once again the assaults by Special Forces on Swan Island on October 2nd 2014. On that day four of my companions were assaulted, stripped, and had hessian bags placed over their heads with the words, “Welcome to the bag motherfuckers!” *

However it appears even with bags over their heads they managed to see more than the police officers on the scene!

The case went like this:
Sargent Knight gave evidence about arresting me with three others. When I tried to question him about the condition in which he…

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