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The War Criminal and the Scapegoat

June 22, 2015

There are two men gaining more and more media attention in Australia. One is a criminal, the other is a doctor.

Kamleh was an Australian paediatrician who has joined the Islamic State, claiming there was humanitarian need. No matter how you feel about the Islamic State, I think you’d find it pretty hard to argue that the children who live under IS control should be denied adequate medical care, especially as children are sometimes the innocent victims of allied airstrikes in Syria.

Australian Police have issued a warrant for Kamleh’s immediate arrest, should he return to Australia, for travelling to a “restricted zone”. Who gave the Australian government the right to decide what is and isn’t a restricted zone? The Australian government has the right to legislate for the safety of Australians, but restricting freedom of travel is a restriction of civil rights.

If this was a guy who was threatening to blow up the Opera House or to kill people when he returns to Australia, than I would support subjecting him to due process if he returns home at all.

If he was bragging of murdering innocent civilians, I would support arresting him and trialling him for war crimes.

Instead we want to arrest a man who helps to heal sick and injured kids. Kamleh has even distanced himself from IS atrocities and policies:

“I have no input or responsibility over the political or military actions of the state, if they are correct, I wish them progression, if they are not, that is between them and God” .

Kamleh has every right to travel where he wishes. Children, all children, even those living in the midst of a barbaric regime have the right to expert medical care. Kamleh claims there is a shortage of medical staff in the area, if that’s true than I have no problem with him being in Syria and helping kids.

Kamleh has appeared in propaganda for the Islamic State and of that, I am not supportive, if that is a crime than we can decide on the legitimacy of that law should he return to Australia.

Kamleh may be a criminal for appearing in a commercial for IS. This is true.

The second man has committed crimes that go beyond being part of propaganda.

Not only is he not being held accountable for his heinous violent crimes, he is even profiteering from it and building a political career on the backs of his murdered victims.

Major General Jim Molan’s political star is on the rise. Set to run for the Liberals in NSW next election, the man is almost guaranteed a spot in our Upper House. Indeed, some have touted him as our next Defence Minister.

Molan has had a long military career, an expert on Indonesian relations, he is the go to guy for any Coaliation government. For the last few weeks he has received media airplay, talking up sending more troops to Iraq.

Molan has much experience in Iraq.

In November and December 2004, Molan, integrated as a commander with the US Military (whilst still technically an Australian officer) planned and executed Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah.

Phantom Fury was one of the most evil acts of the invasion of Iraq and with an Australian commander at the helm; Australia has blood on its hands– and most of us have never heard of it.

Between 30,000 and 50,000 civilians were in the densely packed city when it was declared a free fire zone in November 2004. Cluster munitions, white-phosphorous and depleted uranium were used in this zone (the cancer and birth deformity rates of Fallujah are now ten times higher than Hiroshima after the dropping of the nuclear bomb), it is speculated that 4000-8000 civilians were killed as a direct result of the battle, many were women who refused to leave their men behind.

Men of “fighting age” were not allowed to leave the city- that’s any man, without trial or reason to decide who was an insurgent- and understandably women and their children stayed with them. We don’t know how many women and children died in the aftermath for want of food and medical care, but the United Nations Special Rapporteur did say that hunger and depravity of civilian populations were used as a weapon in the battle by the Molan led American forces.

Molan’s Legacy. The once bustling Fallujah in November 2004.

Unfortunately, no investigation, no tribunal, no accountability has happened for Molan or any of the leaders of the brutal 2004 Massacre of Fallujah. Molan may be a war criminal, but instead of investigating him, he gets the ear of the media and a bright political career.

This is what Australia has become, the media crucifies Kamleh, a man we have no evidence against (except that he is a doctor for children and appearing in a glitzy add). Molan, a probable war criminal, is rewarded with praise, media attention and a political career. Kill kids, we promote you, help kids, we condemn you.

Welcome to Australia in 2015.


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