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Interview with Lockheed Martin Friday Sept. 26th

October 1, 2014

• Today I met with Lockheed Martin in the dressing room after our sparring match. I intended to interview them, but it became a bit more of a duel… read and anticipate!

Me: “Sorry LM, a bit out of breath and sweaty, I’ll have your first question in a second.”

LM: “Gee Greg, you look buggered, what happened?”

Me: “I was just trying to stop you from building your weapons of eco-destruction by blocking your gates and these thugs in blue uniform turned up, we wrestled for a while- but it was ten on one- I was overwhelmed and they detained me.”

LM: “Oh, them. Yeah, they work for my old mate. They drop by if anyone gives me trouble”

Me: “Oh. I thought they were supposed to work for justice and the law.”

LM: “We are justice and law! We make weapons that kill the bad guys and protect you!”

Me: “Oh. Who are the bad guys?”

LM: “You know, the evil people who want to cut your head off and take over your country. They’re black, they speak a different language and they’re MUSLIMS!”

Me: “But I thought we’ve killed far more Arabs when we bombed their countries than any other supposed bad guys have done.”

LM: “Collateral Damage.”

Me: “What?”

LM: “You can’t break an omelette without making a few eggs?”

Me: “These are human beings you’re talking about. Besides, there’s no omelette in the Mid-East, we’ve just totally destroyed it.”

LM: “That’s what I said. Break the omelette.”

Me: “Oh. When will you halt the production of Land Mines that are banned under International Law and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of children worldwide every year in places where there hasn’t been a war for decades?”

LM: “This is a complex question. It will depend on when the USA stops buying them.”

Me: “Don’t you have a moral responsibility to stop this? You’re profiting from sheer terror and the destruction of the global social fabric.”

LM: “You’re forgetting my moral code. Billions and billions of dollars.”

Me: “That’s not a moral code, that’s just income. What do you say to people, like me, who think we should take money out of building cluster munitions and weapons like Hellfire Missiles and put them into building schools, healthcare and peacebuilding activities?”

LM: “I would say, when was the last time peace was won without large and expensive military campaigns?”

Me: “Um, peace was never won that way. In the last two centuries it’s just led to further destabilization, death destruction and mayhem.”

LM: “Omelette?”

The Military-Industrial Complex is the leading cause of environmental destruction, human deaths and social destabilisation. It’s worth putting all of your energy into stopping to make the world a better place for the world’s most vulnerable and for yourself.

In the battle between sanity and greed, the best place to be is non-violently in the way of war making.

In the battle between sanity and greed, the best place to be is non-violently in the way of war making.


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