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The problem with non-violence

April 11, 2014

Andy tackles a big issue around non-violence here by exposing the flaw in the argument. A must read…


“The only problem with non-violence,” he tells me, “is this: what happens when you’re being attacked and you need to use violence to resist?”

It really, honestly, is a valid question. It’s not his fault we’re constantly force-fed myths of violence in self-defence, from our movie and television screens to our governments and militaries, telling us that violence is only used to protect ourselves.

He’s not the first person to point out this problem with non-violence though. Any time the idea of non-violence is talked about, someone will inevitably bring this up. Possibly elaborated into some hypothetical situation that involves Australia being invaded; or somebody advancing on you with a knife, so out of their mind they can’t possibly be reasoned with.

It’s a flaw of human nature that we almost always, in any conflict situation, can only ever envision ourselves as the innocent party. It’s what makes resolving interpersonal…

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  1. Miranda Pinch permalink

    So what is your answer to that? Non-violence is always a a route of a certain amount of self-sacrifice and will always be. There are examples of huge numbers of people standing together non-violently and winning, but loosing members in a sacrificial way to achieve it. Interested in your response?


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