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Information regarding IPAN Peace Convergence

March 4, 2014

Change of venue and interim agenda:


The Independent Peace Australia Network Peace Convergence as advertised from on this site has a few changes.

The main base of operations will now be the rose garden next to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

The Tent Embassy has showers and toilets and Graeme Dunstan is pursuing catering and a Marquis for us to hang out in.

Wednesday will be a planning day for:

n  Discussions around a Peace Treaty with Indigenous Australians

n  Planning the “Waging Peace against War” day of protests on the Thursday the 24th of April

n  Discussions with Vince Emmanuele


Thursday will be a day of protests as the group decides and sees fit (but there are some grand ideas under construction as we speak)

Hopefully we will also get some time to discuss and plan for the future of peace activism in Australia


To register for the IPAN Peace Conference see details at

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